Q: Do I need to train at Guardian to receive this scholarship?

A: Not necessarily. We will likely favor students training at Guardian as we get our feet wet with administering this new program, however we would be willing to support a student training outside the area at another academy or gym if the same criteria was met.

Q: How do I apply?

A: Here is the link to apply: https://positivechange.typeform.com/to/jUBWSN

Q:How long does it typically take to get a response after I submit my application?

A: We try to respond within 2 weeks to all applicants which could include an explanation for not being accepted, a request for additional information, or an immediate acceptance.    

Q: If I was previously not accepted, can I apply again?

A: Yes  

Q:Does Guardian require anything in return?

A: We ask that all of our students keep us updated on the progress of their semester a minimum of two times. Ultimately we want to share the success of students in the scholarship program to encourage others to attend. Students are also required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.8 or higher.

Q: Where can donors donate to the scholarship program?

A: https://www.flipcause.com/secure/cause_pdetails/NTMwNzc=

Q:Can donors choose a specific child to sponsor?

A: For privacy reasons and other concerns, we do not allow that. However, we maintain a separate account for our scholarship funds. None of those funds are used for general purposes of running the organization, solely for scholarships.

Q: Do you offer other types of scholarships other than community college?

A: Today we do not, but that is our intention. We know that many of our students want to pursue things like an electrical trade, plumbing career, or go directly into a coding bootcamp. Someday we hope to expand on our scholarship to a more comprehensive offering.

Q: How much money can a student expect per semester?

A: Powered by Guardian offers students up to $1,000 per semester.

Q: When is the deadline for applying?

A: July 15th 2019 for the fall 2019 semester.

Q: Do you need to submit a high school transcript?

A: No.

Q: I have a low high school GPA will this affect my chances of receiving a Guardian scholarship?

A: No it will not.

Q: How will financial aid be distributed from Guardian?

A: Guardian will reimburse students for college expenses up to $1,000 per semester.

Q: Is there a requirement for a minimum amount of units that I need to take at a community college in order to obtain a guardian scholarship?

A: Yes at least 13 units.

Q: Is the tutoring offered at guardian only for kids under 18 or can I get help with my community college homework as well?

A: Our tutors are there for students of all levels.

Q: If I am accepted for Powered by Guardian can I continue to train at Guardian for free while I am enrolled in school?

A: Yes absolutely.

Q: What age do you need to be to apply for this scholarship?

A: The Powered by Guardian scholarship is open to students age 17-12.

Q: Do I need to be currently enrolled in a school to apply?

A: No