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Guardian seeks to give our youth students as many tools for future success as possible in the forms of free martial arts classes, free homework tutoring, free healthy meals, as well as being surrounded by a like minded positive community of role models and peers. Guardian is excited to announce a new addition to the services it already gives youth in the form of an in-house community college scholarship that Guardian students can take advantage of after they graduate from high school.

In order to acquire a Powered by Guardian scholarship, students will write an application that contains essay questions similar to the questions they will see on most university applications. Other requirements include the student having trained at Guardian for at least three months. We will have up to 5 scholarships each semester to start, with an intention on growing that number if we see success. Guardian will not only provide financial support for the community college tuition for the semester, but we will also continue to provide free training for the students. The scholarships can be renewed each semester as long as minimum criteria is met which includes training 2 classes per week and a 2.8 GPA or higher for the previous semester. Students in need of additional aid for transportation, food, books, or other resources can also apply for a supplemental scholarship. Moving forward, Guardian donors will be able to specify if they would like to donate to a scholarship and/or fund the additional resources that will help make the dream of post high-school education a reality for a student.

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We are excited to announce the Powered by Guardian scholarship, named after one of our most dedicated volunteers who is finishing his degree from the University of California Berkeley after pursuing this exact path. Someone that many of our kids can relate to not having the grades, nor the financial means to jump right into a school like Cal. Instead he used a combination of attending community college while training in Jiu Jitsu to build up the discipline needed to begin to get solid grades in the classroom, and lay the groundwork for an eventual transfer to UC Berkeley.

Community College is a great way to enter higher education with less pressure than a four year university and gives students the ability to save money while living with parents and continuing to train for free at Guardian. The scholarship is available to students age 17-23. Our goal with this scholarship is to encourage our students to pursue higher education and to support them through the college process by making their college experience less stressful.