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GOAL $420,000
$201,311 Raised

How much change can you make with $1?

Step 1: Donate

Give a dollar for yourself and a dollar for every friend you feel would support our mission. Guardian is a tax-deductible 501c3, and 100% of all money raised goes toward building the future headquarters of Guardian. No administration, no overhead, no waste. Donate now and be a foundational part of our expansion.

Campaign runs from November 8- December 31st 2018

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Step 2: Take a Photo & Share


Take a picture with a dollar, share it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #dollar4Oakland and tag each of the friends that you donated for to keep the dollars rolling in. Hopefully they will be inspired to respond in kind, donating on behalf of their own network and expanding our reach. Get creative with your picture; snap one with a dollar in front of your favorite Oakland landmark, with your friends, family, at school, or just in your own house. Photos will automatically be pulled in from Instagram using the #dollar4Oakland hashtag. Be sure to come back and check on the progress of the campaign to see if we can reach our goal together!


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420,000 residents of Oakland x $1 per person average = $420,000 to build a new space

Organized sports played a critical role in the lives of past generations, giving kids a sense of purpose and keeping them occupied in the critical after-school hours. Unfortunately, after-school programs have been slashed all around the country, and Oakland has been hit particularly hard. Our school system is currently facing down historic budget cuts.

Martial arts are amongst the very best ways for kids to get their energy out after sitting in a classroom all day. Just as importantly, daily training instills confidence and accountability, which are necessary qualities for producing healthy communities and capable leaders.

We are at capacity in our current space; we need a bigger gym in order to help more kids. This second gym won’t simply offer more space and new equipment. It will also provide tutoring services and access to a nutritional center where kids can learn to prepare healthy meals.  

Participation in the #Dollar4Oakland campaign means that 100% of your financial gift will go toward building out the new space. This is an opportunity to have an impact on Oakland for decades to come. Our kids deserve something that they can be proud of, something they can look forward to attending everyday, a movement and community that they are proud to claim as their own.

Thanks for your generosity; see you on the mats!


Want to give more than just a few bucks? Here are some perks for our larger donors:


250,000 - Naming rights for 3 years to the new Guardian HQ - example (Guardian @ The Smith Center)

10,000 - A permanent fixture at the gym engraved with your name on it

5,000 - A spot on the Guardian wall of donor fame

3,490 - Sponsor 1 youth student for a year + boxing/jiu jitsu gear + paid part-time job for that student

980 - Sponsor 1 youth student for a year + boxing/jiu jitsu gear

610 - Sponsor 1 youth student to train for a year



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