Guardian provides training in both boxing & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to youth students 18 & under. We never ask our youth students for membership dues, though families that can afford to donate $5, $25, $50, or $100 a month are encouraged to do so.  Students that cannot afford to pay anything are allowed to train at no cost. Our programming is made possible by paid adult memberships and donations.

Sign-up Process:

1.  Complete a 5 minute application telling us about yourself or your dependent.  

2. Print out and sign the youth liability waiver below. This must be completed,  signed and dated by a parent or guardian.

3.  Once you're registered, start training! Come into the gym and start training and learning with the other youth students from our Guardian coaches and instructors. See the class schedule by clicking the link below. Youth classes are listed as "Kids Boxing" or "Kids Jiu Jitsu".

4. After beginning training, each student will be asked to fill out a more comprehensive assessment. This data is used to help Guardian improve its programming.  Under 18-students will be expected to take a variation of this survey twice per year. These surveys take about 15 minutes to complete, and can be done either at home or before/after training at the gym.