Help us build an additional space!

We've been serving the community of Oakland since January of 2016 by offering free training in martial arts to youth ages 10 - 18. In just two years, our student roster has grown to over 150 kids, and we're bursting out of our current space. That's why we need your help; we're aiming to open a second location, which will in turn allow us to ultimately serve up to 1000 children from all over the city.

In the short time we've been operational, we've seen friendships formed, skills taught, mentorship offered, and community created. Your generous donation will keep that work going, bringing it to even larger population.

There are currently two ways for you to give to Guardian. The first is to contribute to our general budget, the second is by purchasing, either in part or in full, an item for the new space. If you'd like to go the first route, click the button below. If, however, you'd like to direct your money towards something more specific then keep reading.

Pick out something special for the kids!

At Guardian, we're always trying to do things a bit differently. This is best represented by the core of our mission: at other martial arts academies, kids have to pay in order to train, whereas we think the next generation should have access to these extraordinary, life altering disciplines for free. 

On a similar note, we want to raise money for our new space in as transparent a way as possible. Asking for a donation is no small task, and receiving one is no small honor. With that in mind, we've broken down our needs according to four main categories: Striking, Grappling, Academics and Facilities. If you click on any of the below links, you'll be taken to a new page that breaks out our specific needs and costs per item. Think of it like a wedding registry, if you will, only instead of a buying boring rice cooker for that friend you haven't seen since high school, you can instead buy a pair of boxing gloves for a young man or woman whose life is ripe for the changing. 

What Part of Guardian's Future Will You Support?


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