Are my donations to Guardian Gym Tax deductible?

Yes. Guardian is a registered 501c3 non-profit corporation in the United States.   Donations are 100% tax-deductible if no good or services are being exchanged for the donation.

How do memberships work for kids and adults?

Guardian provides the opportunity for kids to train completely free of charge.  Adult memberships are used to offset the costs of the kids program as well as general costs of running a gym such as rent, electric, water, insurance, teachers, cleaning, etc.  

What does Guardian provide for kids besides Jiu Jitsu & Boxing?

Guardian does everything in our power to provide kids a complete after-school experience.   We have partnerships with local food establishments to feed as many kids as possible after class.   We also have a space that kids can do schoolwork, read, or write after school in order to have a safe-haven to wait to be picked up by parents or seek help from mentors.

Can I donate things other than money to help the gym?

Yes.  Guardian can issue you a tax-deduction letter for anything that can benefit the gym, such as apparel for the kids, cell phones, computers, equipment, etc. Any clean Gis, boxing equipment, and other items can be sent to the address above.

Who is behind this whole Guardian thing?

Guardian gym was co-founded by Ben Kovacs and Joel Lunenfeld during their time working together at Twitter.   They were later joined by Sacha Feinman who is now the managing director of Guardian running he gym on a day-to-day basis with Ben. 

What is the physical address of the Gym? 

Guardian Gym

1922 Webster Street, Unit C

Oakland, CA, 94612

If I have questions about the gym, what is the best way to get in contact?

Just come visit us if you are local. Or email us:

What type of classes do you offer at the gym?

See the classes tab for descriptions.

Can I choose to just train jiu jitsu or only train boxing if i'm a member of the gym?


Do I have to spar if I attend classes? 

ABSOLUTELY NOT! No one is required to spar at the gym, or train with a teammate who doesn't make them feel comfortable. The only two requirements are to refrain from interfering or distracting from other students, and to have as much fun as possible!