Boxing is not only one of the most famous and popular sports, but also a great way of self defense and development of skills that take the form of creating opportunities, capitalizing on mistakes and taking advantage of situations as they unfold. Our boxing classes focus on movement and conditioning, teaching the technical aspects of the sport so that our students can reach their maximum potential.

We concentrate on stance, footwork, technique and strategy, using focus mitts with a class partner to simulate both the offensive and defensive aspects of the sport. Supervised sparing occurs in advanced classes. Students who train in boxing can expect a great workout that will burn fat, build strength, increase stamina, and promote fluidity in movement. Our classes are suitable for everyone, from total newbies to those looking to climb in to the ring. Sparing occurs only in the advanced classes, which are marked on the schedule.

At Guardian Gym, our boxing program is led by our head instructor Bilal Mahasin, the current GBO Welterweight champion who is also a motivational speaker and an Oakland community leader. In addition to Bilal, we have a number of other instructors and volunteers from the leading boxing gyms in the Oakland and San Franscisco Bay Area. We have both youth and adult classes at both the beginner and advanced levels including advanced level sparring classes.

We are striving to develop one of the leading youth and adult boxing programs in Oakland and welcome you to come join us for a class. To get started boxing at Guardian click the link below.